Appearing Live! Onstage!
Gainesville, Florida's Live Music Events 1960-1976
local and regional acts in red…no frat gigs listed
updated by Marty Jourard 2-2014
5/1/60 Louis Armstrong U of F
9/22/62 The Playboys  Fla. Union Ballroom $1.50 sponsored by Food Service
11/9/62 Ray Charles Fla Gym
11/17/62 Peter, Paul and Mary Fla Gym $1.00
11/17/62 The Playboys  Fla Gym basement free after PPM show
9/26/63 Hootenanny Florida Union free Bryan Lounge, singalong presented by Fine Arts Comm.
11/20/63 The Playboys Club Rendezvous free Fla. Union Dance Comm. Gator War Dance
1/17/1964 The Playboys  Club Rendezvous
2/9/64 BEATLES FIRST APPEARANCE ON ED SULLIVAN SHOW Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show
2/28/64 The Playboys Club Rendezvous
4/3/64 The Hi-Fi's Club Rendezvous Free
7/10/64 GHS ADMITS THREE NEGRO STUDENTS GHS admits three Negro students
1/19/64 Carlos Montoya Univ Aud. classical guitarist
1/29/64 The Continentals/The Playboys/Southgate Singers State Theater $1 March of Dimes Marathon; Felder in Continentals
2/15/64 Paul Winter Sextet Univ Aud.
2/21/64 Journeymen/Ian and Sylvia IFC Spring Frolics
3/23/64 Vince Martin/Fred Neil Univ Aud. $0.50
5/22/64 The Pink Panthers Club Rendezvous free local band that evolved into the Maundy Quintet
9/1/64 The Playboys Club Rendezvous Free Orientation Night at the Florida Union
9/18/64 The 4 Score S. Side Fla. Union free The Web Street Dance
9/26/64 The Flaming Tempos Student Service Center $1.00 Orlando band plays Gay '20s Speakeasy
10/5/64 Chad Mitchell Trio Fla. Gym Lyceum Council
11/13/64 Lettermen/Bud&Travis IFC Fall Frolics
11/14/64 The Playboys/The Four Scores Graham Hall area Playboy Party local bands
11/20/64 The Hustlers Broward Rec Room Free
2/20/65 Ferrante and Teicher
4/2/65 The Dynamics Broward Rec Room Free Last Chance Dance
4/8/65 The 5 Of Us free Union Social Room
7/16/65 New Christy Minstrels
9/25/65 Henry Mancini/Four Preps $11000 cost
11/1/65 The Eight Balls Playboy Party local band
11/4/65 The Platters/Lesley Gore Fla. Gym
3/5/66 Simon and Garfunkel/The Four Saints Fla Gym replaced Johnny Rivers, paid $4500
3/18/66 Count Basie/Peter Nero Fla. Gym Lyceum council
3/24/66 Nation Rocking Shadows/Odds Against Hume Hall  $1.50 8pm-1 am Gator Growl '66, Hawaiian theme dance
3/29/66 John Jacob Niles Univ Aud.
6/3/66 Odds Against Jennings Hall  Free 9pm -1am "Last Blast" dance before summer break
7/23/66 The Highwaymen/The Cyrkle/Maundy Quintet
10/25/66 The Birdwatchers Hub Florida band
11/18/66 James Brown Fla Gym
1/20/67 The Royal Guardsmen
2/22/67 Al Hirt Lyceum Council
2/24/67 The Better Half Fla Union Social Room local band $150 Lefty Wright, Jim Albright, 
3/17/67 The Righteous Brothers Fla Gym IFC Spring Frolics
3/31/67 Maundy Quintet The Place $1.50 Grand Opening of club for teens only
3/31/67 Glenn Yarborough Lyceum Council
5/19/67 Ferrante & Teicher Fla Gym $1.00 IFC Summer Frolics
5/26/67 The Essex Gainesville Rec Center $40 for four sets, local band Tom Holz/Michael Branch/Tom Leadon/Michael Fender
10/6/67 Allen and Rossi/The Brothers Four $8750 cost
The Metrics The Place local band
10/21/67 U.S. Males, Limits of Persuasion, The Centurys Woman's Club Battle of the Bands!
11/10/67 Wilson Pickett/Rufus Thomas Fla Gym  IFC Fall Frolics
1/12/68 Peter Paul & Mary/Paul Winter  Univ Aud
1/27/68 City Steve/The Gingerbread  Reitz Union Ballroom Freak Out w/strobe lights, Gbread has Felder, Newcomb..
2/16/68 The Hollies Fla Gym
2/22/68 The Five Americans The Place
2/23,24/68 Gene Middleton Show/We The People Hume Field U of F $5.00/couple Middleton Fri/We The People Sat
3/31/68 John Fred and his Playboy Band The Place $2.00 one year anniversary of the club
4/10/68 The Beach Boys/Buffalo Springfield/Strawberry Alarm Clock Fla Field Inter-Fraternity Council presentation
4/19/68 Ray Charles Fla Gym
5/3/68 Jack Jones/Buddy Rich Fla Gym IFC Spring Frolics
5/25/68 Thana Renshaw/Relatively Straight String Band Bent Card $0.50 free coffee and pretzels
6/6/68 Rare Breed Union Hub Free Exam week free entertainment
6/22/68 The Certain Amount Union Terrace Free w/Jim Lenahan, future Mudcrutch singer
6/28/68 Dion Fla Gym IFC Summer Frolics
7/27/68 The Wrong Numbers Lake Wauburg Free Union Board for Student Activites
10/3/68 The Fifth Dimension Fla Gym Marilyn McCoo not there; Fourth Dimension
10/11/68 Styrophoam Soule Reitz Union Ballroom Free sponsored by Union Board
10/11,12/68 Noah's Ark White Rabbit $0.50 future site of The Place, Tampa band w/ Bobby Caldwell drummer
10/25/68 The Four Tops Fla. Gym $5 /couple IFC Fall Frolics
10/28/68 James Brown Citizen's Field
12/10,12/68 Styrophoam Soule Union Ballroom Free sponsored by Union Board (Finals Week)
12/27/68 The Brothers Grymm Woman's Club College Dance
1/10/69 The Whatnots Dub's
2/21/69 Vanilla Fudge
4/2/69 The Supremes, Gladys Night & the Pips Fla Gym very hot
5/23-24/69 Dion Rat
5/23/69 The Four Seasons Fla Gym
10/18/69 The Tropics Union Free
10/31/69 The Lettermen Fla Gym
1/9/70 Celebration Rat
2/1/70 RGF/Frosted Glass Union
2/13-14/70 Dion Rat
2/14/70 Dead Or Alive/Two Shades Of Soul/Emergency Exit/Celebration Plaza of the Americas free Mike Campbell guitarist, Randall Marsh drums in Dead or Alive
2/19-21/70 Pacific Gas & Electrc Rat
3/6/70 Johnny Rivers/Sweetwater/Celebration Fla Gym $5.50/couple
4/6-11/70 Royal Guardsmen Dub's w/Cinda the Go Go Girl
4/3/70 Power Dubs
4/10-11/70 Blues Image Rat
5/29/70 Janis Joplin Fla Gym IFC Spring Frolics
4/24-5/70 Brewer&Shipley/Duckbutter
5/16/70 SUPER SHOW Fla. Field $5.50
Sly and the Family Stone, 
Grand Funk Railroad
The Youngbloods
Genya Ravan and Ten Wheel Drive
Mecki Mark Men
James Cotton Blues Band
Ewing St. Times
4/30/70 Biff Rose Rat
8/5/70 Tropics Union Ballroom
8/6/70 Blues Image /Riff Fla Gym $2
10/2/70 Chambers Brothers Fla Gym $5.50/couple
10/9/70 Celebration/Image Univ. Aud $0.75 first Rose Community show (Bruce Nearon)
10/15/70 Ravi Shankar Univ. Aud
11/21/70 Temptations Fla Gym
10/9/10/70 Riff Rat
10/28/70 Johnny Winter /Power Suburbia Drive In $3
10/30/70 RGF Plaza of the Americas Free 1ST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BALL
10/31/70 The Tams Fla Gym
11/6/70 Bethlehem Asylum Reitz Union Free
11/21/70 Temptations Fla Gym
11/15/70 Boys In Blue Univ Aud Free   Prisoner band from Lowell Prison
11/21/70 RGF Union Mall Free
12/13/70 Mudcrutch Farm Festival Mudcrutch Farm Free   1st festival, Weston Prim, Mudcrutch, others [?]
1/16/71 The Association Fla Gym $5.50/couple
1/22/71 Stonehenge Univ Aud Atlanta band
1/23/71 Mudcrutch Farm Festival Mudcrutch Farm Free   2nd festival [or other event?]
1/31/71 Joan Baez Fla Gym $2 SGP
2/12/71 Mudcrutch/RGF SFCC Aud $1 Gainesville Defense Fund
2/13/71 Celebration/Brotherhood Univ Aud 50 cents Gainesville Defense Fund
2/13/71 Mudcrutch Rat .75/ .50 single girls
2/19/71 Blackfoot Rat
2/19/71 Lynard Skynard Univ Aud $0.50 Rose Community Production
2/20/71 Delaney, Bonnie and Friends/Pacific Gas & Electric Fla Gym $2.25
2/20/71 Sugarloaf/Pacific Gas & Electric
2/27/71 Mudcrutch Union Terrace Free Sat. 3-5 pm sponsored by J.W.R.U.
3/3,4/71 Mudcrutch/Rare Bird/Dreyfus SFJC West Campus  Rose Community
3/5/71 RGF Univ Aud $0.50
3/5/71 Blackfoot Rat $0.75
3/12/71 RGF Union Terrace Free
4/2/71 Power Univ Aud $0.75 Rose Community Production
4/7/71 Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts Rat
4/14/71 The New Folk Reitz Ballroom $1.00 Campus Crusade For Christ
4/17/71 Bill Cosby/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Fla Field $3
4/16/71 RGF Rat $1 spelling is accurate
4/17/71 Lynard Skynard Rat $1
4/27/71 RGF Rat Free
4/24/71 Bethlehem Asylum SFCC Aud
4/23-4/71 Ewing St. Times Rat
5/2/71 Spirit/New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Fla Field $2
4/30/71 Game Rat $1
5/6/71 Jerry Jeff Walker Rat
5/7-8/71 Dion
5/16/71 Brewer & Shipley Univ Aud SGP
5/14/71 Power/Celebration/Mudcrutch Univ Aud $1
5/8-10-12/71 Oliver Rat
5/22-23/71 GAINESVILLE MUSIC FESTIVAL Greer's Farm [SW of Archer] $2.50 Rose Community Production
Power/RGF/Mudcrutch/Celebration/Lynnard Skynnard/Grean
Shoe Shine Boy/Weston Prim/Image/Beloved/Sparrow/Blues South/Dark Star
5/29/30/71 DUSSERAH MUSIC FESTIVAL Greer's Farm [SW of Archer] $6 adv/$10 Amboy Dukes/Mother's Milk/NYRR Ensemble/Mudcrutch/dion/Tom Paxton/Lynard Skynard/Game/Hogtown Creek
Amboy Dukes/Mother's Milk/NYRR Ensemble/Mudcrutch
Dion/Tom Paxton/Lynard Skynard/Game/Hogtown Creek
6/4/71 Mudcrutch P.K.Yonge Gym school sock hop/students only
6/24/71 Hogtown Creek Union Terrace Free 8-10 pm
7/14/15/71 Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts Rat
7/22/71 Alex Taylor Rat
7/27/71 Goose Creek Symphony
8/3-4/71 Cowboy Rat $0.50
8/5/71 Swingin' Medallions Rat $1.50
8/13/71 RGF/Longreen Toad/Pete Einhorn Univ Aud $1.00 Rose Community Production/1st w/Jeff Goldstein involvement
9/24/71 Goose Creek Symphony Univ Aud $1.50
10/1/71 Mudcrutch Rat
10/1/71 Lynyrd Skynyrd/Dixie Ramblers Univ Aud $1 Rose Community Production
10/14/71 Drifters Rat
10/15/71 Weston Prim Univ Aud
10/30/71 Mudcrutch/Goose Creek Symphony Plaza Free 2ND ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BALL
10/31/71 Blood, Sweat & Tears/Bill Withers Fla Field $3
10/21/71 Mudcrutch/Road Turkey Museum Terrace Free
11/5/71 Cowboy/Mudcrutch Univ Aud
11/22/71 Guess Who/Gypsy Fla Gym $3.25 "newly air-conditioned Florida Gym"
1/8/1972 Dreyfus Reitz Ballroom $0.50 9-1 sponsored by J.W.R.U.
1/28/72 Don McLean Fla Gym $2.50
1/28/72 Bacchus Reitz Ballroom $0.50 trio w/Charlie Souza, bassist of Tropics
2/4/72 Hampton Grease Band Rat $1
2/5/72 Rare Bird Gainesville Music Fest site Free Clean up party for festival site, one of many with free bands
2/10-11/72 Archie Bell & The Drells Rat $1
2/12/72 Mudcrutch  Gainesville Music Fest site Free Clean up party for festival site, one of many with free bands
2/14/72 Dark Star/Troika Rat $1
2/18/72 Richie Havens/Jimmy Spheeris Fla Gym $3
2/18/72 Lynyrd Skynyrd/Round House/Jonah/Birnum Wood Rat $1 final spelling of band name
2/19/72 Mudcrutch/Dreyfus Gainesville Music Fest site $1 Clean up party for festival site, one of many, w/free bands
2/26/72 M. Jourard Band/Dreyfus/Dark Star Gainesville Music Fest site Clean up party for festival site, one of many, w/free bands
3/4,5,6/72 Bette Midler Rat $1.50
3/11/72 Road Turkey/Dark Star Gainesville Music Fest site Free Clean up party for festival site, one of many with free bands
4/7,8/72 The Box Tops Rat $1.50
4/21/72 Stephen Stills and Manassas Fla Field $2.50
4/28/72 The Carpenters Fla Gym $3.50 IFC Spring Frolics
4/29/72 Son Of Super Show:  shore of Lake Alice Free IFC/Rose Community w/ Tower Of Power, Stillwater, 6 others
5/12/72 Mudcrutch Rat $0.50
5/21/72 Victor Borge Fla Gym
5/30-6/1/72 Goose Creek Symphony/Homer Rat
7/8/72 Charlie & Inezz Foxx Union Ballroom $1.25 "Mockingbird"
7/14,15/72 Mudcrutch High Sprgs. Tobacco Festival
7/15/72 Road Turkey Rat $0.75
7/21,22/72 White Witch/Homer Rat $0.75 SGP
7/28/72 RGF Univ Aud $1.50
7/29/72 RGF Rat $1.50
8/3/72 RGF/Road Turkey Daytona Bch Peabody Hall $2.00 Rose Community Production
8/6/72 RGF/Road Turkey Ocala Civic $2.00 Rose Community Production
8/19/72 Weston Prim Union Ballroom $0.50
8/18,19/72 Mudcrutch Rat $1.50
10/5/72 Lowell Correctional Institution Pop and Jazz Band Union N. Lawn Free
10/6/72 Isaac Hayes Fla Gym $4.00
10/13/72 Road Turkey/Company/Backwater Blues Band Behind the Hub Free With M.C. Montana from WGVL
10/21/72 Clear Blue Sky/Froggy and the Magic Twangers/Image Union N. Lawn Free  Pre Ball  8-12 mid. "test your costume"
10/28/72 Mudcrutch/RoadTurkey/Midnight Machete/John Jones/Danny Roberts Plaza Free 3RD ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BALL last on U of F campus
11/3/72 Beck, Bogart & Appice/Ursa Major Fla Gym $3.50 IFC Fall Frolics
11/18/72 Drifters/Little Anthony & The Imperials/Bo Diddley Fla Gym $2.50 Homecoming '72 Sponsored by Florida Blue Key
12/7/72 Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes/Cactus/Ramatam Fla Gym $3 co-sponsored by SFCC and UF, w/Mitch Mitchell, Nugent, Mike Pinera
1/12,13/73 Mudcrutch Rat $1.00 shows at 9pm and 11pm
1/26,7/73 Gary and the U.S. Bonds Rat $1.50
2/2/73 Preservation Hall Jazz Band Union Ballroom
2/3/73 Mudcrutch Behind the Hub free w/Backwater Blues Band
2/9/73 Mudcrutch Rat $1 Nicaragua Relief Fund   beer $1/pitcher
2/10/73 New Days Ahead Univ Aud $1 SGP
2/23/73 Rare Earth/Goose Creek Symphony Fla Gym $3.50 IFC Winter Frolics
2/24/73 Blackfoot/Mudcrutch Univ Aud $1.00 SGP
3/2/73 Image/Randy Kidd Rat $1.OO presented by Ye Pirates Crew and WGVL
3/3/73 Mr. Poundit and The Master Race/Randy Kidd Rat $1.00 presented by Ye Pirates Crew and WGVL, Stan Lynch drummer for Poundit.
3/3,4/73 Mudcrutch/Dreyfus/Rare Bird SFJC West Campus $1.00 old Buchholz High
3/8/73 [Leon Russell] Florida Field $5.00 SGP CANCELLED [8292 tix] due to rain
3/9/73 University of Florida Jazz Band Rat
3/31/73 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band/Charles Lloyd/Homer Citizens Field $3 police shut down due to noise ordinance
4/12/73 The Beachboys Fla Gym $3.50 IFC Spring Frolics
4/28/73 Seals & Crofts Fla Gym $3.50 SGP
5/10/73 Stevie Wonder Fla Gym $3.50 SGP
5/26/73 Brownsville Station/Cowboy Hub Mall Free
6/28/73 Road Turkey/Color Hub Mall Free SGP
7/7/73 Dr. Hook/Unicorn Univ Aud
7/13/73 New Days Ahead Univ Aud
7/20/73 Earl Scruggs Revue Fla Gym
7/30-8/11/73 Mudcrutch/Road Turkey The Keg 2 wks  7/30-31 8/1-4 8/16-11
8/3/73 Shotgun Hub Mall Free ex-members of Blues Magoos
8/19/73 Gamble Rogers/Eric Quincy Tate Union N. Lawn Free Student Government Productions
9/19-20/73 Mudcrutch/ Purlee/ Catworth Fox/Road Turkey Suburbia Drive-In $3
9/29/73 Jimmy Spheeris Plaza Free
10/4/73 Carlos Montoya Reitz Ballroom
10/6/73 Flood Graham Pond Free SGP
10/12/73 New Days Ahead Univ Aud $1.50 SGP
10/21/73 Elton John Fla Gym $6 SGP
10/22/73 Road Turkey Cin City Free Big Daddy's
10/27/73 White Witch/New Days Ahead/Mudcrutch Behind Hume Hall Free SGP 1st Annual Halloween Masquerade Festival
10/30/73 Gamble Rogers Beef & Bottle
11/2/73 John Mayall/Taj Mahal Fla Gym IFC Fall Frolics
11/3/73 Country Joe McDonald/Sky Lake/Fat Chance/Randy Kidd SFCC West Campus Free 4TH ANNUAL HALLOWEEN BALL  Rose Community Presents
1/19/74 Goose Creek Symphony Univ Aud
1/20/74 Eric Quincy Tate N. Union Lawn Free
1/24,5,6/74 Freddie King Longbranch Saloon $3.50
2/2/74 Hydra Plaza Free
2/7/74 Yes Fla Gym $5 SGP
2/24/74 Road Turkey N. Union Lawn Free
2/24/74 Virgil Fox Fla Gym
2/25/74 Ike and Tina Turner Revue Fla Gym $5
3/4/74 Todd Rundgren Univ Aud $3.50 SGP
3/4/74 Bob Seger Dub's $3
3/31/74 Grand Funk Railroad Fla Gym $6
4/11/74 Al Kooper/Mose Jones Hilton Ballroom $3.50
4/14/74 The Doobie Brothers Fla Gym $5 SGP
4/18-20/74 New Days Ahead The Back Door $2 inside Sweden House restaurant
4/26/74 Earl Scruggs Revue GSMH $4 Grand Opening of Great Southern Music Hall
4/29/74 Fat Chance Longbranch Saloon $0.50
5/2/74 The Temptations Fla Gym
5/3/74 Brewer & Shipley GSMH $4
5/4/74 Climax Blues Band Plaza Free SGP
5/8/74 Goose Creek Symphony GSMH $2.50
5/9/74 The Outlaws/The Jam Factory Longbranch Saloon Butch Trucks jams with the bands
5/16/74 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band GSMH
5/18/74 John Hartford Plaza Free
5/19/74 John Sebastian Fla Gym $2.50
5/28/74 Ray Charles GSMH $5
5/29/74 Two Generations of Brubeck GSMH $3
5/30/74 Eric Quincy Tate Longbranch Saloon
6/1/74 Gainesville Community Festival of Music & Arts Citizens Field $2
Richie Havens/Laurie Powers/New River Station
Paul Hillis Jazz Group/Johnny Ace and the Percolators
Slow Poke/Breeze/Linda Hoover Willingham/G'ville Classic Guitar Society
Treat/Gary and Rusty/Randy Kidd/Clinch Mountain Belly/Amos & Jarret
6/21,22/1974 Bo Diddley GSMH
6/28/74 Purlee/Road Turkey/Linda Hoover Willingham GSMH
7/28/74 Road Turkey Union Lawn Free
6/29/74 Jerry Lee Lewis GSMH $5.50
8/13/74 Riff Lamplighter Lounge Free 35 cent highballs
9/25,26/74 Doug Kershaw GSMH
9/26/74 Ted Nugent Longbranch Saloon $4.50
10/1-6/74 John Hammond/Fat Chance Band Longbranch Saloon
10/5/74 Cowboy Plaza Free
10/10/74 Muddy Waters GSMH $5.00
10/18,19/1974 Minnie Riperton GSMH
10/20/74 Paco de Lucia Union Ballroom Free
10/26/74 Greg Allman/Boyer & Talton Fla Gym $5.50
10/31/74 Jules Verne Band/Micanopy Jam Band/Holy Trinity/Randy Kidd/Catarro Fairgrounds WaldoRd/39th $3.00 Fun Company/J. Phillip Aaron Presents Annual Halloween Ball
11/2/74 America Fla Gym $4.50
11/14/74 Jimmy Buffett GSMH
11/15/74 Loggins & Messina/Tom Rush Fla Gym $5
11/25/74 Souther-Hillman-Furay Band/Dan Fogelberg GSMH $5.50
12/4/74 The Shirelles GSMH
1/6/75 Gamble Rogers Beef & Bottle
1/10/75 Richie Havens GSMH $4.50
1/16/75 Barry Meldon Longbranch Saloon ex-Country Joe and the Fish
1/17,18/75 Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts Rathskellar
1/20/75 Severin Browne Beef & Bottle $1 Jackson's brother
1/24/75 Two Generations of Brubeck GSMH $5
1/26/75 Loudon Wainright Graham Pond Free
1/29/75 Eric Burdon Band GSMH $4
2/8/75 Atlanta Rhythm Section Union Lawn Free
2/11-15/75 Steve Martin Beef & Bottle $2
2/13/75 Spinners Fla Gym  $5
2/14/75 Weather Report GSMH
2/18/75 Red White and Blue(Grass) Beef & Bottle
2/22/75 Spirit GSMH $4.00
2/23/75 Herbie Mann Union Lawn Free
3/1/75 Melissa Manchester GSMH $4.00
3/2/75 Johnny Cash Family Fla Gym $3.50
3/10-12/75 Micanopy Jam Band Connection Lounge Free
4/3/75 Baker Gurvitz Army/Trapeze GSMH $4.50 ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker
4/5/75 Carol Douglas Melody Club $5.00 disco singer "Doctor's Orders" [gay club]
4/10/75 Ramsey Lewis GSMH $5.00
4/11,12/75 Dion Beef & Bottle $3.00
4/15/75 The Dillards Beef & Bottle $2.00
4/16,17/75 Tim Weisberg Longbranch Saloon
4/19/75 Cowboy GSMH $3.50
4/24-26/75 Leon Redbone Beef & Bottle
5/1/75 John Mayall GSMH $5.00
5/7/75 Kraftwerk GSMH $4.00
5/8/75 Southpaw Connection Lounge Free band with future Motel kb/sax player Marty Jourard
5/10/75 Chick Corea/Larry Coryell/Strider Union Lawn Free SGP 1st Annual Spring Jazz Festival
5/30,31/75 Doc Watson Beef & Bottle $3.50
6/27/75 Ike and Tina Turner Revue GSMH $6.00
7/3/75 The Vogues Dub's
7/22/75 Chuck Mangione GSMH $5.00
7/24/75 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band GSMH $4.00
7/27/75 Cowboy Union Lawn Free
8/19/75 Gamble Rogers/Eric Quincy Tate Union Lawn Free
9/19-21/75 Hatchett Creek Music Festival 75/Gamble Rogers and others near Archer $10.00 Folk/bluegrass acts from Fla./S. Georgia
10/3/75 Elvin Bishop GSMH $4.50
10/5/75 Two Generations of Brubeck featuring Dave Brubeck Union Lawn Free
10/10/75 Muddy Waters GSMH $3.50
10/17/75 Jimmy Buffett Union Lawn Free
10/17/75 Return To Forever GSMH $5.00 Chick Corea
10/17/75 The Jazz Project Keg $1.00 local jazz player Henry Boudin, Bob Harris and others
10/28/75 James Taylor Fla Gym
10/30/75 Climax Blues Band Plaza Free 6th Annual Halloween Masquerade Ball
11/2/75 David Crosby and Graham Nash Fla Gym $5.00
11/5/75 Blood, Sweat & Tears GSMH
11/16/75 Chicago Fla Field
11/20/75 Labelle GSMH
11/22/75 Melissa Manchester GSMH
12/3-5/75 Doc Watson Beef & Bottle $3.50
1/23/76 Wet Willie/Blackfoot GSMH $4.50
1/31/76 Outlaws Union Lawn Free
2/7/76 Harry Chapin Fla Gym $4.50
2/11/76 B.B. King GSMH $6.50
2/14/76 Tim Weisberg GSMH
2/21/76 Billy Cobham/George Duke/Tone Union Lawn Free
2/21/76 Count Basie GSMH
2/27/76 Earl Scruggs Revue GSMH $5.00
2/28/76 Pure Prairie League Schnell Field Free
3/5/76 Leo Kottke/Rosewater Blue GSMH $4.50
3/13/76 Chuck Mangione GSMH $5.00
3/29/76 Ramsey Lewis GSMH $5.00
4/10/76 Hatchett Creek 76 near Archer
4/11/76 Brian Auger's Oblivion Express GSMH $4.50
4/14/76 Taj Mahal GSMH $5.00
4/23/76 Autumn Bilbo & Gandalf's $1.00
4/23/76 Dizzy Gillespie/[Oscar Peterson] /The Jazz Project Union Lawn Free SGP 2nd Annual Spring Jazz Festival; Oscar Peterson cancelled
4/25/76 Bob Dylan/Joan Baez/Rolling Thunder Review Fla Field $8.75 highest ticket price to date
4/29/76 Weather Report GSMH $5.00 w/Jaco Pastorius
5/7/76 Jesse Colin Young Union Lawn Free
5/8/76 Richie Havens GSMH $4.00
5/19/76 Riff/Beloved/Saucer/Southern Comfort/Bluesberry Jam/Flyer Rat Free SGP/Blade Productions band promotion
5/20/76 Ray Charles GSMH $7.50
5/22/76 Doc & Merle Watson Union Lawn Free
5/29/76 Chris Hillman GSMH $3.00
7/14/76 Roy Buchanan GSMH $3.50
7/19/76 Savoy Brown GSMH $4.50
7/28/76 Sea Level GSMH $4.00
8/13/76 Earl Scruggs Revue Union Lawn Free
10/1,2/76 Archer Road Band Cockney's
10/8/76 Dr. Hook Union Lawn Free
10/15,16/76 Archer Road Band Orange & Brew
10/22/76 David Bromberg Band GSMH
11/5/76 Stephen Stills  Fla Gym $5.00
11/13/76 Thunderbird w/Roger McGuinn Union Lawn Free
11/14/76 Leon and Mary Russell Fla Gym
11/15/76 Tim Weisberg GSMH
11/18/76 Jose Feliciano GSMH
12/2/76 Melissa Manchester GSMH
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